about me

'I never felt incapable of succeeding because I always felt confident I could learn what I needed to know'

Susan Wigg

Why is it when asked about yourself you suddenly forget everything you’ve ever done?

My name is Laura, I know that much.


Based in the heart of Cheshire, I'm Editor for The Royal Photographic Society's Digital Imaging publication & professional photographer by daily trade, but I'm a creative at heart.


I have always had an interest in photography, but never thought it would be something I would do until I started studying it in college. After finishing my qualifications I realised that I wanted to pursue it; I knew that I wanted a career where I made people feel good about themselves & what better way to do that than to capture the best days in someone's life and by helping them to see the beauty in themselves & in their families?


It may all sound like a cliché, but there’s nothing better than knowing I’ve made someone happy & helped them to capture their beautiful memories.


I have been a photographer for over 7 years. I have a DBS check, I am fully qualified, insured & have been published online & in local & national press.


I am a member of The Royal Photographic Society. I am also Editor of their specialised Digital Imaging publication: a magazine distributed quarterly to members.


I have also won: 'Best Wedding Photographer - North West England & Excellence Award for Portrait Photography 2017' & 'Wedding Photographer of the Year - North West England 2018'

When I'm not behind a camera, designing websites, writing or reading, you'll find me cuddled up watching tv with a good brew and biscuit! Either that, or I'll be travelling the globe!


Please contact me with anything you'd like to know.

I look forward to hearing from you in the future.








One of the most popular questions I get asked is why I chose photography as a career? Photography is my creative outlet. Ever since I was young, I always felt I saw the world differently. I had (still do) a wild imagination and I didn’t have a way of expressing my ideas and thoughts.


When I found photography, it all made sense. I was different, I was creative and with photography I found could express all of those feelings and ideas and bring them to life. When I was in education I was told photography had all of these rules but when I started my own business, I loved breaking those ‘rules’. Photography has no rules in my eyes and isn’t about the amount of money you spend on equipment or if you know all of the numbers, gadgets and trickery, but about the people and the moments. I love the work I get to create and I love meeting others who share the same passion as me for this industry. Photography is endless and my imagination is limitless.


I think as creative people we view the world differently. I can gather inspiration just by walking down the street and seeing a flower or watching a movie and a particular scene will resonate a concept in my mind. Books and films are my biggest inspiration, I also get inspired by other artists that I admire.

I get inspired by people and their stories, possibly why I also have such a deep love of travel.


I always remember an instant connection to photography and I felt I had finally found my talent and my calling. I have always been creative and expressed myself through writing too but photography fed a different part of my soul. Capturing moments that bring people happiness and make them feel good about themselves is worth every single second of my time.

I knew I always wanted to make people happy in my career while being expressive.


I have constantly compared myself to others both personally and as a photographer. I constantly remember those voices of doubt telling me I’m not good enough. Then it hit me, I’m not them, I’m me! I’m my own person and photographer and I have my own style. I am forever learning, every shoot gives me another opportunity to adapt and provides an outlay to think about what I can do differently next time.


Today anyone with a lens is a photographer & most of them are using their phones. So it follows that in order to convince my clients that it’s worth spending their hard-earned disposable income on photography I have to make sure my work looks different from the thousands of images they document their daily lives with.


In my work I strive to deliver a certain finesse and timeless quality in addition to authentic emotion & genuine moments. That is my vision and philosophy and I need clients who are looking for the same thing. I have always positioned myself as a word of mouth photographer and one who wants to build relationships that aren’t just about a one-off interaction and monetary transaction.


Especially with young children, I love having the privilege of watching a family grow. As a result, families and clients often become very comfortable with me and therefore create much more natural photos. When people think of my business and the work I produce I want to create a sense of luxury and exquisite elegance. I want my clients to come away with a final product that makes them feel lucky, warm and happy. I want my clients to see the beauty in themselves and in their families.


I provide a friendly, female photography service that is entirely based on giving clients a unique and tailored package. They get a fantastic price without compromising quality. I don’t believe in boxing plans in to ‘bronze, silver, gold’ style packages and limiting to a timescale.

I'm upfront, honest and there are no surprise expensive additional costs.




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